The size of this bottles is 1 and 7/8" inches in diameter at the base and 7 and 1/4" inches tall.
Apply Global Body Art chunky glitter gel base to the body or hair using a small filbert brush to the area you want to stick the cosmetic grade glitter to. Then apply the glitter to it before it dries. Let the gel dry before touching it. It is best not to apply it over water based face paint because the gel will re activate the paint. You can also pre mix a small amount of glitter and gel in a separate container to use at an event. Always make sure to use cosmetic grade glitter. To remove simply use soap and water. We strongly suggest not to apply chunky glitters near the eye area to prevent the glitter from getting into the eyes.

Global Chunky Glitter Gel Base is great for creating your own chunky glitter mixes. This is a fun new fashion and makeup trend and this gel allows you to get creative and make your own! You can use this gel for glitter beards, glitter roots, glitter chest, etc! 

Global Body Art - Chunky Glitter GEL BASE 250ml/8.4 US fl OZ