Kabuki brushes are known for their amazing blending capabilities and have been commonly used to apply and blend makeup. They are also an excellent tool to add to your face and/or body art kits. You can use them to blend your paint and to create a truly “airbrushed” look. You can also use them along with your Pink Power Stencils or any of your stencils. To use, spray your paint with a little water and swirl your kabuki in the paint to load. Then start painting by using a circular motion. To blend, start with your lighter colors and blend your darker colors into the lighter ones.

To use with your stencils, use the same loading technique as above then lay your stencil down and just brush over the open areas on the stencil and you will end up with a design that looks airbrushed. To clean, just rub over a dry cloth and move on to your next color. They make your painting fast and beautiful!