Marcela Bustamante Face Painting

About me

"Hi! I'm Marcela Bustamante, and I'm passionate about helping other face painters create beautiful designs using safe, high-quality supplies for face and body painting. With my experience and knowledge, I strive to provide the best face painting brushes and products to ensure spectacular results in every job. My goal is to equip you with a professional-looking kit that enhances your skills and elevates your craft. I'm here to offer you the support and guidance you need to excel in your art and make each piece truly impressive. I look forward to collaborating with you and seeing your skills shine even brighter!"

My mission

Whether you're showcasing a unique and marvelous face painting style or taking your first steps in this exciting creative journey, my goal is for your clients to be amazed when they see an impeccable designs and safe a face painting kit for their kids! I'm here to take you from being an amateur to standing out with the confidence and refinement of a true professional, all thanks to the use of top-quality face painting brushes and  materials! Together, we'll make each event a success that reflects your unique dedication and talent!

How I got here

"All of us who are devoted to face painting share a past overflowing with creativity, where our hands found joy in the act of creating and painting. Upon discovering this wonderful art, we found the perfect outlet to unleash our passion and creative talent. Face painting captivated us with its ability to turn faces into living canvases, and since then, we have immersed ourselves completely in this vibrant world of color and fantasy."
2007: When my second child was born, I decided I no longer wanted to spend so many hours away from home and sought something that wouldn't take up as much time but would still be creative. I stumbled upon henna and face painting, and that's how the journey began.

2014: After attending a workshop with Marcela Murad, "Mama Clown," and seeing my line work in designs, she recommended me as an instructor at a convention in Costa Rica, which marked the beginning of my career as an educator in this exciting discipline.

 2015: I`ve had the privilege of leading intimate workshops for small groups and presenting at prestigious conventions across the globe, from England and the Netherlands to Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Argentina. My journey even took me to Australia, where I had the incredible experience of cuddling a koala—though I must confess, the encounter with the kangaroo was purely imaginary! Laughter is an essential part of the journey, after all!

 2017: With great pride, I developed my first line of face painting brushes, known as Blazin Brush, which achieved unprecedented success worldwide thanks to the extraordinary quality with which they were designed. This experience allowed me to stand out in the world of face painting and reaffirm my commitment to excellence and innovation in each of my products.

 2024: As I already had many face painting events on weekends, I began to streamline my kit, carrying only the essentials in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner. I realized that traveling lighter and more comfortably was essential. Carrying an immense kit of paints and supplies was no longer necessary. So, I created a silicone container for paints, Chroma Caddy, which also revolutionized the way face painters set up their kits