Face Paint Brushes and Supplies Available Online

Welcome to Blazin Brush, your source for high-quality face
painting supplies shipped right to your door. Our selection of face paint
brushes, accessories, and supplies caters to the creative spirit in everyone.
Whether you're just starting your journey with face paint brushes for beginners
or a seasoned pro seeking high-quality face painting brushes, Blazin Brush is
here to meet your needs.

About Us

At Blazin Brush, we don't only have high-quality
professional products; we have the professional experience to ensure everything
we offer is the best.

Our collection is curated, and in some cases created by, our
owner, Marcela Bustamante - a face painting veteran of 15 years. Her hands-on
experience allows her to understand the nuances of this art form, ensuring that
we provide only the best for our customers.

Marcela is still an active artist and focuses on providing a
place where artists can buy top-of-the-line face painting brushes, supplies,
and accessories. She also shares her industry knowledge across her social media platforms, including face painting tutorial videos on YouTube.

High-Quality Face Painting Brushes

Having high-quality brushes is paramount when it comes to
face painting, and our brushes have been crafted with artistry in mind.

Our Blazin Brush Brushes were created by owner Marcela Bustamante. Each
brush has our signature purple wooden handle, as well as vegan and cruelty-free
synthetic bristles.

We have a range of point, round, liner, detail, liner, and
flat brushes that come in different lengths and sizes, ensuring you have a
brush for everything from a thin thorn on a rose to a large cloud at the end of
a rainbow. You can count on finding high-quality brushes suited to your exact

No matter how many brushes you need, we've got you covered-
we offer everything from single brushes to sets- and even our sets range from
trios all the way up to our deluxe set.

Face Paint Accessories and Supplies

To round out your kit, we also have a large selection
of face paint supplies and face paint accessories for sale. Whether you want stencils or a sleek brush easel, you can trust that our vetted inventory has what you need. We understand
that practice makes perfect, so we made sure to include male and female
practice boards and a belly practice board for maternity shoots. From brush
easels to brush washers, we have you covered from start to finish. We have
paints ranging from neutrals to neons, singles to palettes, shimmers to mattes-
anything you need to complete your perfect piece!

Order Your Face Painting Equipment Today!

With Blazin Brush, you can rest assured that you're in good
hands. We strive to be more than a vendor - we aim to elevate your face
painting experience with high-quality brushes, supplies, and accessories. We
support all types of artistry, and our inventory reflects that.

For over six years, we have helped artists, both nationally
and internationally, bring their visions to life with our tools and resources.
Let us support your creativity and fuel your passion for face painting. If you
have any questions or need help picking the perfect brushes, visit our contact

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