Chroma Caddy Onyx

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Chroma Caddy Purpurate

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Chroma Caddy Ultramarine

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Chroma Caddy Bubblegum

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Hello there!
I have some exciting news! I just developed a new container called Chroma Caddy, designed to store multiple solid face paint colors. 
Here are the answers to some common questions you may have.

1.- What is Chroma Caddy?

Chroma Caddy is a container which allows you to store up to 24 solid face paint colors in just one silicone palette.

2.- Is Chroma Caddy user friendly?

Yes, because it is light, durable, and comes with a removable cover.

3.- What isChroma Caddy made of?

It is made of silicone.

4.- Is Chroma Caddy easy to clean?

Absolutely, you can wipe it out, or wash it with soap and water.

5.- How many grams of paint does each Chroma Caddy division hold?

Each division can hold up to 16 grams of paint.

6.- What are Chroma Caddy's dimensions?

9 in x 6.5 in x .07 in (23 cm x 16.6 cm x 1 cm)

7.-How much does Chroma Caddy weigh?

Each empty Chroma Caddy weighs 6 oz. (170 gr.)
Each full Chroma Caddy weighs 17 oz. (525 gr.)

8.- How many divisions does Chroma Caddy have?

24 (1.4โ€ x 1.5 โ€œ) (3.5 cm x 3.8 cm)

9.- How many Chroma Caddies fit in a Mini Craft and Go?

Up to 2 Chroma Caddies.

10.- What one-stroke fits in a Chroma Caddy division?

Only the one-stroke Fusion refill.

11.- Does Chroma Caddy include any face paint?


12.- What colors are available?

Onyx, Purpurate, BubbleGum and Ultramarine.
Chroma Caddy will be available for your purchase on Thusrday,  January 26th. 2023
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime via email at info@blazinbrush.

Best regards,
Marcela Bustamante