Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Split Cake

Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Split Cake | Rainbow Magic by Leanne Courtney 30gr


Blazin Brush™ is an exclusive brand of professional brushes, for the use of face and body paint. Our brand is more than a brush, it is the purple experience! by Marcela Bustamante.


What Fusion Body Art colors are in this Rainbow Magic rainbow cake?

 Prime Deep Purple, Prime Deep Teal, Prime Bright Yellow, Prime Pastel Yellow,  Prime Pink Sorbet, and Prime Magic Magenta.

What are the dimensions of this cake?

The outer measurements of this standard 30gr container, including the lid are: 2 1/16" x 1 1/4" x 10/16" .

What is the Rainbow Magic 30gr rainbow cake best for?

Rainbow Magic is a bold spring time color combination designed by Australian face and body artist, Leanne Courtney. There is a mini version in her Pretty Rainbow Palette by Fusion. The Rainbow Magic rainbow cake is perfect for tropical designs on  kids and adults. This is great for unicorn manes, rainbows, butterfly wings, flowers and crowns.